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California Academy of Sciences
April 27, 2010

LOOP!STATION is Sam Bass and Robin Coomer. One vocalist and one cellist building and layering sounds on top each other, loop by loop. Suddenly what had started out as an escape for these two classically trained musicians from their respective rock bands, and the pressures of writing the 'perfect' 3:30 second pop song, had turned into an escape for their listeners as well. LOOP!STATION sample themselves live and 'loop' the parts creating honest and unique compositions. The shows are intense, captivating. As progressive and daring as L!S is-- it could never be background music--the tonalities that are Loop! Station's hallmark are enabled,by the Vaslin composite Stradivarius Cello, which was made in the Eighteenth Century, around 1730.

Loop Station presents "Love versus Love," wherein they explore courage and resilience in the name of love.

"Love versus Love," Robin says. "Which will win?"

Loving, opening to love, devoting our lives and selves to love - is not always a dance with the daisies.

Love is the greatest game there is. 99.9% of humans make a conscious or unconscious choice that to love, fully and openly, is too painful, too vulnerable, too unpredictable.

It's true. It can be.

Lovers, the 1% of 1%, we are courageous, crazy, and somehow the most sane. It takes a great roar of YES to life. It's easier to hide, to numb out, to say NO to life.

The reward of loving - ourselves, another, this chaotic life - is often blown-open hearts, lives in cinders, work charred and scarred.

And the rewards are also heaven on earth: what comes from living with arms thrown wide, head tossed back, open, open, open, truly seeing and being truly seen. The wash of creative fire that comes only of the inclusive embrace our YES as opposed to the painful pushing away of our NO.

Love Vs. Love.


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